Study finds climate change could really hurt beer

Study finds climate change could really hurt beer

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - A new study from the University of East Anglia is finding that in addition to rising sea levels and drought, climate change has the potential to largely diminish the production of beer in the future.

Essentially, the study claims that if climate change continues to go the direction it’s headed, barley would be one of the first crops to be largely affected by drought. Less barley means less beer, which also means prices will go up.

This news comes only weeks after the United Nations announced that we only have until about 2030 to slow the affects of climate change before they become irreversible and more extreme weather patterns will follow.

Climatologist and SIU professor, Dr. Trent Ford was asked what affects not lowering greenhouse gas emissions would be and ways individuals can help. He said we need to start soon.

“Let’s say we could stop all carbon dioxide levels right now," he said. ”We would still feel a lot of the effects into the next 20-30 years because there is that lag effect."

Meaning that the carbon dioxide from your car will still be in the air for a while after you drive.

Although most may think that real climate change comes from big changes from political leaders and corporation, Dr. Ford said there’s little things regular people can do.

“Be environmentally conscious while going through day to day activity,” he said. “So waste in general, recycling as much as we can to reduce the emissions that are put out by producing more products.”

While Dr. Ford thinks people should vote based on their beliefs, he said the biggest way an individual can have a positive affect on climate change is to vote for candidates who stand for environmentally positive policy.

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