Heartland students take action during National Bullying Prevention Month

Heartland students take action during National Bullying Prevention Month

SIKESTON, MO (KFVS) - October is National Bullying Prevention Month, and Sikeston Junior High students took initiative to spread positivity to their classmates.

“All schools always have different problems when it comes to maybe bullying and maybe just some difficulties with students, and I just was like I want to do something about it,” said Rush Ault, Sikeston seventh grader.

Rush was one of 25 students selected to be a Student Ambassador. The group planned a bullying awareness activity for every Monday in the month of October.

“We always hear about the negative, and we hear about the bullying. That is a part of every school, especially junior high. But I see the good. And so I feel like these students needed a way to be organized, and they needed a way to put their message out there," said Andrea Baker, Sikeston Junior High Counselor.

Today, Student Ambassadors handed personalized cards to every student in the school.

“These cards are just wonderful ways of us giving good thoughts and just letting them know that it’s gonna be okay, and there’s nothing to be worried about. It’s all going to be alright,” said Rush.

At first, the students’ kind actions came as a surprise.

“There’s the initial response from the students was why are they being so nice to me. Ya know? We are focused as humans. We kind of tend to focus on the bad,” said Baker.

And now they are wondering what the Student Ambassadors will do next to spread positivity.

“You can just see it on their faces. When they just see these t-shirts, they feel like today is going to be a good day. And they’re like, oh yay they’re getting to do something again today,” said Rush.

For Rush, bullying prevention starts with a single person.

“Don’t just sit by and just watch. Be the change or be the difference you want to see in the school," said Rush.

Even if it means waking up early, Rush said Student Ambassadors is the best thing he has been a part of.

“We all as a team or as a group just all decided from the beginning that we wanted to really make a difference in the school, and I think we’ve accomplished that," said Rush.

Next week the Student Ambassadors will have an activity at lunchtime to make sure no student sits alone.

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