Upgrades coming to Southern Illinois Airport

Upgrades to Southern Illinois Airport

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - After securing millions in dollars of grant money, a number of new projects are in the works at Southern Illinois Airport between Carbondale and Murphysboro.

Airport officials say they have over $5 million in funding so far. The majority of grant money for new projects came from the Economic Development Agency (EDA).

Patrick McDonald is the Assistant Airport Manager at the field and says they have big plans including a new road connecting the airport directly to route 51 to make it easier to get to the airport that is already being built.

Additionally, he says there will be 2 new hangers built at the airport. One the hangers of will house military repair operations.

McDonald said there will also be a new site on the air field for 24/7 medical transport systems at the airport.

He said with all the new services being offered, dozens of new jobs at the airport will come as well.

McDonald said the construction of the new hangars are scheduled to be completed within a year and they plan to keep the momentum going at the 5th busiest airport in Illinois.

“It’s never ending,” he said, “as soon as these projects are completed there will be a whole new slate of projects. as part of our cycle, we have to think 20 years out on our development plans here for the field. So as things get completed and we continue to grow, it will attract more business and hopefully we will continue at the pace we’ve been at for the past few years.”

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