Jackson County, IL rural schools promote students to patrol officers

Student patrol officers in rural schools

JACKSON COUNTY, IL (KFVS) - Jackson County Sheriff’s Department initiated a program for the rural schools in the county by adding a resource officer with student patrol officers by their side.

Deputy Max Snyder and Deputy Michael Marks work full-time in six rural schools in Jackson County.

Snyder said, “We want to make as many bonds with these kids as we can. The kids get to know us better that way...they staff and schools get to know us...it makes a better environment for the schools."

DeSoto Consolidated School District 5th grader, Logan Wright works in between his classes as one of the Safety Patrol Officers.

“Stay safe anywhere...try to keep them safe...just try to keep everyone safe.”

Wright’s responsibilities include helping his peers with homework, promoting a safe environment, and helping to stop bullying, right alongside Deputy Snyder.

“We make sure the doors are locked, make sure there’s nothing on the floors...make sure there is nothing bad happening with the pipes and stuff.”

The organizer Julie Moore is also the behavior coach at the school and she said this new program is a win-win-- an incentive for the teacher and student,“Yes while we’re selfishly looking for ways to improve our school, improve our climate, create a positive environment ...it’s also working to help promote that in the classroom and give the student something to strive for...the students were really working toward that chance to have that opportunity to be that person.”

Deputy Snyder and Deputy Marks cover Unity Point, Giant City, DeSoto, Eldorado and Trico schools with a handful of students taking part in their program. They hope to expand in the future.

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