Hand and footprints of stillborn child stolen

Hand and footprints of stillborn child stolen
A family in Lawrence, KS, said a cast made of the hand and footprints of their stillborn child were stolen from their home. (Source: KCTV/Gallagher family photos/CNN)

LAWRENCE, KS (KCTV/CNN) – A ceramic cast of the tiny hands and feet of a stillborn infant were recently stolen.

Handprints, footprints of stillborn child stolen

"It doesn't have a lot of monetary value, but it has a lot of sentimental value," said Tim Gallagher, the father of baby Noah, who died in 2004.

Gallagher said burglars broke into his home, making off with jewelry, electronics and the cast made to memorialize Noah.

"To have something that touched him is important to us. It's heart-wrenching to have that just be gone," he said.

The loss hurts Gallagher and his family, but he’s reminded of something his faith taught him.

"There’s a verse in the Bible that says don’t leave treasures on Earth, but leave treasures in Heaven. But we have one of our treasures in Heaven already, and that's Noah," he said.

Gallagher is asking whoever took the cast to return it, no questions asked.

"I'm not looking to exact revenge. I don’t know where this person is in life. I'm not judging. We would just like to have it back," he said.

Gallagher hasn’t totaled up the value of what was taken, but he says it’s all replaceable, except for the print.

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