Marquand leaders vow to restore iconic cabin after fire

Marquand leaders vow to restore iconic cabin after fire

MARQUAND, MO (KFVS) - City leaders are coming together to find a way to restore a historic cabin that was set on fire in Marquand.

The City of Marquand has roughly 200 people living there. The cabin sits in the middle of the town is a cabin built in the late 1800′s. Residents say that cabin is the face of Marquand.

In early October, a fire broke out which completely destroying the roof, the old artifacts inside and scorched the inside walls.

"I was here that morning that the cabin burned down," Marquand City Clerk Amanda Flock said. "I got to see first hand a lot of the emotion that it brought out of our community having losing this cabin. It really hit home with a lot of our residents here."

City leaders and residents now are joining together and vow to restore the 123-year-old log cabin.

"We are going to rebuild it," Marquand Development Corporation Secretary Denny Ward said.

Marquand was established in 1804. Roughly 90 years later, the cabin was built in 1895. It housed a couple families and even sat vacant for decades after the Sitzes family died.

"In 1989, we saved it," Ward stated. "We gave it new life again and it's served as a focal point since 1989, for the last 29 years for Marquand."

For Ward and Flock, they said restoring the cabin is something the community wants and would make Marquand feel complete again.

“It would mean a lot,” Denny said. “The community is definitely behind the project. Over the past 29 years, it’s just become invaluable to the historic preservation and revitalization of the community.”

The cabin is severely damaged by the fire and will take some time and resources to restore back to the way it was.

"It is going to take a professional restoration and it is going to take a lot of money," Ward stated.

"It's very meaningful for the community to get this cabin up and restored as quickly as possible," Flock added. "Also, I help with Pioneer Days and it is a huge part of that. We have our historical tours of this cabin and that's going to be greatly missed until we can get it up and restored."

Restoring some items inside the cabin will be especially difficult.

"The artifacts, some of them, were actually from the early 1800's from pioneer settlers here in the community," Ward explained. "The families who donated or loaned the items inside the cabin, those losses are significant. Not only to the community and to the value of this cabin, but to those families because they are not replaceable."

Flock and Ward would like to thank the Marquand Firefighters, the sheriff's department, and other first responders for their fast response.

“If it hadn’t been for them, we may not have a structure to work with to restore,” Flock said.

The fire is being investigated by the Missouri State Fire Marshal's Department as the cause is considered suspicious.

Any information on how the fire started, city leaders urge you to call the Madison County Sheriff's Department at 573-783-2234.

"It's a very important part of Marquand," Ward said. "It's the face of Marquand whenever you drive into town and over the last 29 years it's become iconic."

If you would like to help fund the restoration process, you can find the Go Fund Me page here.

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