Police investigating husband & wife murder-suicide in Graves Co., KY

Graves Co. couple killed in apparent murder suicide

WINGO, KY (KFVS) - Deputies are investigating a murder-suicide that happened on Friday, Oct. 5.

According to Chief Deputy Davant Ramage with Graves County Sheriff’s Department, deputies responded to a residence just south of Wingo, Ky. and found two people who had suffered gunshot wounds.

It happened off Highway 45 and Grissom Road around 10 a.m.

54-year-old Mitchell Laws and 51-year-old Rhonda Laws both died due to a single gunshot to each victim. According to the medical examiner in Louisville, they died as a result of a murder-suicide.

Bobby Knight lives nearby by and says he knows the two victims and their family well.

Knight says the married couple were kind and helpful neighbors.

“Everybody I talked to is just in disbelief,” Knight said. “When we first heard it just kind of knocks your feet up under you. It did me. I thought they were on top of the world. Never wanted for anything I was aware of and they had a new grandbaby that had come into the world that they thought the world of. It will just hit me every time I go by that house. I will just hit me. So with all that going on who would of thought it?"

He thinks the community will remember the incident for years.

"I drive Highway 45 everyday and it will just hit me every time I go by that house. I will just hit me,” Knight said.

“Very often the real reasons as to why these things happen, they die with the people," Ramage said. "We can surmise or think that this happened or that happened but very often the concrete reasons as to why it happened are never known to us.”

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