US House passes legislation designed to fight opioid epidemic

US House passes legislation designed to fight opioid epidemic
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WASHINGTON (KFVS) - Legislation passed by the United States House of Representatives is designed to fight the opioid addiction epidemic in the country.

H.R. 6, also called the SUPPORT Act, includes Congressman Jason Smith’s (MO-68) Perioperative Reduction of Opioids (PRO) Act.

“To fix any problem you have to get to the source, and I’m proud the House of Representatives passed my legislation to fight the addiction where it begins and limit unnecessary exposure to addictive opioids,” said Congressman Smith. “Millions of patients every year are exposed to opioids after surgery, and many patients have leftover pills which creates the opportunity for addiction, resale, and abuse.”

Rep. Smith said the legislation will help prevent opioid misuse and abuse after patients are discharged from surgery, where patients are most likely to be exposed to opioids. The bill will also inform patients on how to manage pain and storage of prescriptions as well as disposal of unused opioids.

Poplar Bluff Police Chief Danny Whiteley also weighed n on the legislation.

“Congressman Smith has consistently supported our communities and law enforcement as we fight opioid addiction, which has taken so many of our loved ones,” said Poplar Bluff Chief of Police Danny Whiteley. “Opioid addiction is one of the biggest problems facing rural communities, and we’re proud that Congressman Smith has felt our pain and advocated for real solutions to fight this terrible epidemic.”

Congressman Smith’s legislation focuses on the surgical setting and the role it plays in long-term opioid addiction.

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