Everyday Hero: Cassie Sharp

Everyday Hero Cassie Sharp recycles used guitar strings into beautiful jewelry which she sells...
Everyday Hero Cassie Sharp recycles used guitar strings into beautiful jewelry which she sells to raise money for the families of children with cancer or other illnesses.(KFVS - Don Frazier)
Updated: Sep. 30, 2018 at 10:44 PM CDT
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Cassie Sharp uses her talent of art to help others.

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Cassie Sharp of Olmsted, Illinois is what you could call a literal musical artist.

She writes songs, sings, and plays the guitar, but once her guitar strings have exhausted their musical use she breathes new life into them as wearable art for a good cause.

“I took my guitar in to get new strings one time, and I have a hard time throwing things away, so I asked my buddy to keep the strings for me,” said Sharp. “The thought was I would make myself a bracelet.”

She did make herself a bracelet from those strings. She said it wasn’t the prettiest thing – but as she made more bracelets her artistic talents bloomed. A year later, her Facebook page is overflowing with photos of her creations.

“It’s just an idea that sparked and blossomed into this beautiful mess – that’s what I call it,” said Sharp.

Sharp said it was Facebook that first gave her “beautiful mess” a purpose.

“I was scrolling through Facebook and I came across the story of a little girl who had cancer,” said Sharp. “She was bout three. Usually you see those stories -- you’re like I’ll pray for them or say, ‘sending you hugs and thoughts.’ And I just thought if I could do something for her - it would be cool. So, the thought crossed my mind maybe I’ll do a fundraiser for her.”

That thought started the C-Sharp Project. Sharp makes jewelry from used guitar strings. She sells the pieces online and donates most of the money to the families of children with cancer, heart defects, or other illness which require lengthy hospital stays.

“In a perfect world, I would take cancer away. But I can’t do that,” said Sharp. “So, the money – I don’t dictate what they can use it for. They can go on a family vacation, or buy toys, pay hospital bills, that money isn’t mine – it goes to them to use it however they want.”

In the last year, Sharp has sold hundreds of pieces and raised thousands of dollars to help a handful of families coping with unimaginable stress.

“These little kids are my heroes,” said Sharp. “They’re a reminder to me that nothing is ever that bad. If I wake up and have a bad day – I think about what they’re going through… They’re very inspiring to me.

Sharp’s effort has inspired others. She says musicians from near and far regularly send her their used guitar strings to help keep her project going.

“From several states away, I have people mailing strings to me,” Sharp said. “It’s awesome.”

With every new piece Sharp creates, she weaves a new chord of hope.

“I just want to spread a little positivity in a world that’s full of hate,” said Sharp. “I’ve always said that if people could take the energy they spend on being hateful to someone and turn it around and do something positive – the world would be a better place.”

Cassie is starting a new fundraiser October 1. You can purchase a piece to support a child and their family by checking out the C-Sharp Project Facebook Page.

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