Student arrested for on-campus Murray State rape

Counselor: Rape most under-reported crime

MURRAY, KY (KFVS) - A suspect is in custody after a Murray State student reported being sexually assaulted in an on campus residence.

According to Murray State University, on-campus police arrested 26-year-old Reyon Nathan Williams, a student, with rape in the first degree and unlawful imprisonment in the second degree.

The female victim reported the rape on Sept. 19 and told police it happened early on Sept. 15 inside an on-campus residence and that she knew the alleged assailant.

Williams was placed under a $100,000 bond and is currently in the Calloway County Jail.

Research shows 72 percent of sexual assaults are committed by someone the victim knows and that can be big obstacle in reporting it.

Kendra Eads is the executive director of SEMO Network Against Sexual Violence in Cape Girardeau.

She tells me more reports of sexual assault is not a bad thing.

Instead Eads says it’s a sign more victims are comfortable coming forward,and hopes it leads to more awareness, more prosecution outcomes, and eventually less occurrences.

"Perpetrators of sexual violence depend on secrecy and depend on shame and depend on people not coming forward,” Eads said. “So now with 'Me Too' and this trend we are seeing nationwide, where women, victims, survivors in general are telling their stories. We are seeing a lot of solidarity, and they are losing a lot of the isolation that they felt."

Eads says the first step to stopping sexual assault from happening starts with talking about consent.

“Having the discussion about what boundaries are. What is going to going to be OK with you, what is not OK with you,” Eads said. “That clears up a lot of the gray area when somebody does cross the line and kind of ensuring that consent and ensuring that it’s enthusiastic and that it’s ongoing and that you are checking in with each other that what is happening is OK.”

Eads says the best deterrent is to get other people involved, and if you see signs of sexual violence to speak out and hold your peers accountable.

Murray State University is providing recovery resources to the reporting student and all universities in the Heartland offer many resources related to medical care, law enforcement, and counseling.

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