Cape Girardeau elementary school adopts calf for nutrition education

Blanchard Elementary adopts calf to teach health

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Blanchard Elementary in Cape Girardeau announced that they adopted a calf.

Blanchard Elementary Principal Barbara Kohlfeld announced on Wednesday to the entire school over the intercom system that they have a calf for students to learn about and follow throughout the year.

Staff members recently took part with the St. Louis Dairy Council where they promote dairy foods and nutrition education.

Blanchard Elementary Cafeteria Manager Linda Mahy said attending the meetings there allowed her to think of a new approach to help teach children the importance of dairy and a healthy lifestyle. That's when she found out that they, as a school, had an opportunity to adopt a calf to help the students learn through a new experience.

"The program is good because it gives the kids a good sense of getting healthy eating habits at a very young age," Mahy said. "Drinking milk builds bones and energy. They are better at learning and I just felt this would be a fun way to learn."

The adopted calf’s name is Molly. She lives close by at a the Schoen Dairy Farm in Oak Ridge, Mo.

As students entered the cafeteria on Wednesday, they noticed the door had a picture of Molly along with the certificate of adoption and other items as part of the display.

We talked to kindergartners during their lunch break while they were drinking their milk. They told us they have already learned some facts about their new friend Molly.

“She helps make milk,” kindergartner Gavin Ryan said. “Milk is really good for you and the more good stuff you eat, it helps you grow.”

“It makes you strong,” kindergartner Henri Booch added.

Willow Rieger sat next to Henri during lunch. She said she knew that milk came from cows but they also provide other dairy foods as well.

"It's healthy for me and it makes me grow stronger and bigger," Willow stated.

Mason Ryan, another kindergartner that sat next to Willow, he said he is already learning about the process of how they get their milk from cows and to their lunch trays.

“The milk gets put in a machine and then you are able to drink it,” kindergartner Mason Ray said.

Mahy said they will be learning all about Molly while she grows up.

“This is important that they know that this calf will grow and provide this milk for them in a very quick way,” Mahy said. “Healthy eating is part of your life and growth. I’m thrilled to be a part of the program and to introduce them to the calf that will provide that.”

They plan on educating the children on various topics including how cows produce milk, delivery time and the nutrition and health benefits of what Molly can provide for them.

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