Perryville, MO gets additional tornado warning siren

Perryville, MO gets additional tornado warning siren
2017 Perryville, MO tornado damage (Source: Adams, Jasmine)


The Perryville Board of Alderman approved the purchase of a new warning siren for the city last week.

Perryville Fire Chief Bill Jones stated this additional warning siren will bring the city’s total up to five sirens stationed throughout the city.

At this time, they are studying the best location to install it in the city.

"There are some places, due to terrain, that it is hard to hear, especially in a storm," Jones said.

Jones wants to remind the public that a warning siren is intended to warn people that are outside and they are looking to make sure that they place the siren to maximize coverage area.

"The goal is to expand our system so that all population in the city is covered," Jones stated.

Jones said they are looking to get one siren approved each year for the next few years to bring the amount of warning sirens up to eight total.

The siren just approved costs roughly $26,000 to $28,000, however, Jones said they are also looking at some electronic versions in the future that are a little more expensive but could provide more options.

“The electronic version, we would be to talk over it and alert people if there is a warning test or other weather information,” Jones said.

He said that the electronic version would be roughly double the amount that a mechanical warning siren costs.

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