Phase 1 complete at Perryville Veteran’s Memorial, more projects on the way

Phase 1 complete at Perryville Veteran’s Memorial, more projects on the way
The veteran's wall in Perryville, MO (Source: KFVS, MIke Mohundro)

PERRYVILLE, MO (KFVS) - The Vietnam Veteran's Wall in Perryville Missouri is finally complete but there are many projects still being planned at the property.

Board member Vicki Lundy said the next project on their list is an honor flag memorial.

“In that memorial we will have a seat wall with black granite and will honor the branches of the service in that seat wall,” said Vicki Lundy, Missouri’s National Veterans Memorial. “Also we will have pavers for individuals that want to honor their veteran. We are going to be able to satifsy those donors that want to give $200 to $500 and honor their loved one.”

Lundy says they are also finding exhibits they want to put inside their veteran’s museum.

Vietnam Veteran Francis Welker grew up in Perry County and visits the wall at Missouri's National Veteran's Memorial once a week.

"It's so close. It's 15 minutes from Perryville, or 10, he said.

Welker has visited the Vietnam Wall in D.C. but thinks the local memorial site has more room to expand and offers a different atmosphere.

"Being out in the country it makes it extra special,” he said. “Not all of the hustle and bustle, its just peaceful and nice, and I think it will draw lots and lot of people."

“This project is not just for Vietnam Veterans," Lundy said. "It’s for all branches of service. It’s for all conflicts and wars.”

Staff says it could take five to seven years to fully complete the memorial. It does not get any funding from the government.

Anyone can help the Veterans Memorial in Perryville by donating or becoming a volunteer.

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