Heartland Votes Video

  Sen. Hawley tours MO flooding

  Cape schools asking for $12M on April Ballot

  Pritzker signs Hospital Funding Bill in Eldorado

  City use tax proposed on Jackson April ballot

  No permit/training for concealed handguns in KY

  Bill passed by Kentucky legislature allows concealed carry without a permit, training

Bill passed by Kentucky legislature allows concealed carry without a permit, training

  Blunt takes on opioids in MO stops

  Plastic bag tax proposed in IL

  IL minimum wage reaction

  Gov. keeping an eye on MO winter weather

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  Democrat Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar announces her candidacy for president

A snow storm couldn't keep the Senator and her supporters home for her announcement.

  One step closer to IL min. wage hike

  AG on opioid monitoring in MO

  Poplar Bluff factory still waiting for tariff exemption

  Store reacts to proposed wage hike in IL

  IL town hall held in Marion

  Cory Booker announces presidential candidacy with video

He talks about his upbringing and the "common pain" that unites Americans in his campaign launch video.

  MO lawmakers to try to ban texting and driving

  Rehder proposing new PDMP program

  New Mississippi Co. Sheriff elected

  $3 billion hit from gov't shutdown, CBO chief says

Keith Hall, the Congressional Budget Office director, said the economy suffered a permanent loss from the government shutdown.

  Castro: Ex-Starbucks CEO's candidacy might help Trump get re-elected

"So his only hope ... is essentially to get somebody else, a third party, to siphon off those votes," said Julian Castro, who is running for president himself.

  S. IL Federal Court funding in flux

  McCarthy: State of the Union should happen despite shutdown

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said State of the Unions happen no matter what. President Reagan delayed the 1986 address after the space shuttle disaster.

  Lawmaker: Trump's address before Congress 'highly unlikely'

Rep. Hakeen Jefferies, D-NY, said unless the shutdown ends, it's "highly unlikely" the president will be giving a State of the Union before Congress.

  Durbin visits federal workers in Marion

  Durbin visits Heartland during partial Gov't shutdown

  Rep. Smith apologizes for outburst on House Floor

  Pelosi: Can't have State of the Union while security furloughed

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said those who handle the logistics and security for the State of the Union address are furloughed.

  Speier 'troubled' by Trump's behavior regarding Putin

Rep. Jackie Speier, D-CA, said President Donald Trump has done everything "in President Putin's playbook."

  Stratton sworn in as IL Lt. Governor

  J.B. Pritzker sworn in as IL Governor

  Trump said he's not looking to call national emergency over wall funding

The president rejected a call from Sen. Lindsey Grahama, R-SC, to end the shutdown by calling a national emergency.

  Trump: 'I never worked for Russia'

The president called the reporting a 'big, fat hoax' in remarks on Monday.

  TSA worker: 'It's bad'

A TSA worker, who declined to be identified, said he's making ends meet by dipping into his savings. But he has four children, and he can't do this forever.