Southern Illinois to benefit from $410 billion spending bill

According to Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin's office, southern Illinois will benefit from the $410 billion spending bill passed by Congress and signed by President Obama Wednesday.
Rend Lake, Southern Illinois. $4,242,000 to provide flood control, water supply, recreation, conservation of fish and wildlife, and area redevelopment. This project is located near Benton, Illinois, in Franklin and Jefferson Counties.
Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. $475,000 to further develop and expand the Southern Illinois Research Park, located on the campus of Southern Illinois University in Carbondale.
Wildlife Habitat Improvement, Southern Illinois. $188,000 to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources for a statewide wildlife management/education/technical assistance program for private landowners and natural resource professionals. The project will restore prairie and shrub/scrub habitats in Illinois important to species such as the bobwhite quail, grassland birds and wild turkeys. It will also support conservation education efforts.
John A. Logan College, Carterville. $100,000 to expand the Williamson County Pilot Program in coordination with the Williamson County Sheriff's Office. The Williamson County Pilot Program electronically tracks the purchases of methamphetamine precursors.
Illinois Sheriff's Association, Statewide. $250,000 for public awareness around methamphetamine and to equip sheriffs around the state with technical and logistical assistance specific to controlling methamphetamine.
MISSISSIPPI RIVER LOCKS & DAMS ($58 MILLION): The Mississippi River transports $12 billion worth of products every year, affecting agriculture, commercial, and labor interests across our state. Updating and modernizing the waterway will help Illinois remain competitive for years to come. Today's legislation includes over $58 million in funding to upgrade, maintain and repair locks and dams along the Mississippi River.