Blo Pens

Blo Pens may bring out the kid in you!  They look like markers, but you don't use your hands.

"You've never heard ofBlo

Pens before?" Amy Jacquin asks Sharon Williams.  "No."

But Mrs. Williams' third grade students certainly have -- 8 of 21 of the Alma Schrader art students have a set ofBlo

Pens at home!

Dressed in old tee-shirts, this Cape Girardeau class carefully makes sure that theBlo

Pens won't stain anything. Makers say the formula will wash off skin and out of some clothes, but warn you not to take any chances.

We ask one of the kids who already haveBlo

Pens to demonstrate how they work. It's as simple as loading the mouthpiece andblowing. But the set also comes with a couple of magic- likepens.
"Then you take the pen, and if you draw something, it'll show up," says one student.   "Try it on the white paper... will it show up? No."

But spray over it with the color change pen and see what happens

"Oh! That's neat! Cool!" the entire class likes the result.

BloPens come with stencils. And Mrs Williams wonders if that promotes pre- patterned art, or if it will still encourage creativity. But these Alma Schrader third graders definitely get creative. One creates a free-style face! But Amy notices how red *her* face gets fromblo

wing! Several of these students admit theBloPens make them dizzy!

Mrs. Williams is kept busy washing mouthpieces, so we don't spread germs. And the damp caps sometimes cause the color to run. That's not a problem you'd have at home. But we also discover that if you hold thepens

too close to the paper, the color is thick and smudges.

If youblo

w from about five inches away, as recommended, the edges are crisper -- but you have to mask off areas where you don't want any color overlap. However, none of that bothers these kids! When Amy asks who thinks it deserves a good grade, every student raises their hand. 
 Not a single hand goes up when she asks who wants a bad grade.

So the majority rules. The $20Blo

Pens earn an A. Just know that once they run out, you have to buy a new set ofpens, refills aren't an option.  You can learn more at