Gunman Kills 9 in Alabama

Update:  The Coffee County, Alabama coroner says the suspect in a shooting spree that left 9 people dead, Tuesday evening, started his day by setting his mother's home on fire.

Investigators are trying to figure out if she was killed before the fire.

They say the suspect then went to Samson, AL and shot and killed his Grandparents along with an aunt and uncle.

He shot several other people before eventually shooting and killing himself.

Right now, investigators still don't have a motive for the shooting and they are not releasing the suspect's name.

Samson, AL (KFVS) -- At least 9 people are dead after a shooting spree in southern Alabama Tuesday evening.

Police say a gunman srtarted shooting at people at a gas station in the town of Samson.

Officers say the man then shot several people in a house before driving to a metals plant 12 miles away, then killing himself.

Right now it's not clear why the man went on the shooting spree.