Flip Fold

Is finding a shirt in your drawers and closets kind of like finding a needle in a haystack?  Maybe the Flip Fold can clean up the mess.  It claims to be the easiest and best way to get  perfect stacks of clothes, every time.
"Oh, like this," mumbles Bertha Rommel, our tester for the Flip Fold. "You fold it to the center."

The $20Flip

Fold comes with directions on how tofold all sorts of shirts, pants, and towels. But it takes a few times before you get the hang of it. 

Bertha works at SEMO Laundry. Shefolds more loads of clothes a day than most of us do in a month! And customers often comment on how frustrating it can be tofold

clothes neatly.

"Whenever they're here, a lot of times they say, we don'tfold

like you do! Ha!" laughs Bertha, as she figures out the Flip Fold.  She's comfortable with it in just a couple of minutes, and removes her first shirt.

"How do you think that looks, as someone whofold

s clothes a lot?" Amy Jacquin asks her.  "About the same as by hand!" Bertha says. "Yea, it goes okay like this. At least you don't have to wonder if you got them even."

Bertha likes how theFlip

Fold works on tee-shirts. But her fastestfolding time is 18 seconds -- almost 4 times longer than what manufacturers promise! Part of that time is spent adjusting the sleeves, to take out as many wrinkles as possible. But each shirt looks the same, and makes a neat stack.

Dress shirts take even more time, because you have to button at least a few buttons first. Plus, thinner materials and collars are harder to control. But they dofold

up, and remind you of dress shirts you see in stores. We just wonder about the wrinkles of keeping dress shirtsfolded. Same thing with dress pants, though slacks dofold-up into small piles.

Jeans are another story. They're too bulky for the smallfold

s of theFlipFold.

Finally we move on to towels. Makers ofFlip

Fold say it works on *all sizes* of towels, even over-sized ones.
"If towel is over-sized, make sure it over-laps equal on top and bottom of the board," Amy reads directions, as Bertha tries the big towel.  But the large towel proves too much, and ends up lumpy. Regular-sized towels work okay.

Bertha agrees theFlip

Fold may come in handy for packing a suitcase -- but then you'd have to pack the item itself, too!

"By getting used to it, that's how you'd make it speedy," says Bertha. "But right now, I canfold

them almost as fast."

And you'll neverfold

anything in five seconds... at least not without wrinkles. TheFlipFold works okay with some things, not so well with others. All-in-all, it's "average." So we give the $20FlipFold a 'C.'