19 year old campaigns for village board president spot

By Arnold Wyrick
EWING, IL (KFVS) - These days political candidates come from a wide range of backgrounds and philosophies.  You might not believe even ages.
Such is the case of 19-year-old Angie Jachim of Ewing.  She's campaigning for the Ewing Village Board president's seat.
"I bring a sense of leadership and a sense of progressivism," Jackim said.  "Ewing is a small town that's clearly obvious to anyone.  However, it's growing into a youth-based community.  And right now I feel we're not meeting the needs of our youth base.  And we're not meeting the needs of our retirement based residents."
Angie is quick to point out her age isn't an obstacle when it comes to understanding politics.
"I know the political game, the unspoken rules and games.  But, to really understand that politics isn't about politics, politics is about people that's a great thing.  To understand that, that's when you truly understand politics."
Some of the current village board members say they welcome Angie's enthusiasm to want to become a leader in the community.
"I wish Angie all the best of luck.  But, I really wish she had started out running for the board become part of our board staff. And seen what it take to run the Village of Ewing," said Sherry Somers, treasurer of the Village of Ewing Board.
Win or lose Angie says she's going to do whatever she needs to help people.
"I think politics is a way to help people don't get me wrong.  But, I've never seen it as a political future or a political career.  I just see this as me trying to help and to give them an option," Jachim said.
The other candidate running against Angie Jachim for the Village of Ewing President, is Kevin Townley a current board member.