Storm destroys Leopold landmark

By CJ Cassidy
LEOPOLD, MO (KFVS) - Heavy winds destroyed an out building on a Bollinger County woman's property near Leopold over the weekend.
Many folks came out to help with the clean up, some calling the shed a landmark because of all the special occasions they had celebrated inside.
"I was headed for downstairs and I hear this woof! One big, one time, and I looked out the back door and saw the shed and I just lost it," Pat Peters said.
Heavy winds that swept through the area left the large shed that stood outside her home for more than 20 years teetering on its frame.
The building holds special significance to the Peters family.  Pat, her husband Ambrose, and their children, would perform country music inside the shed, drawing a large audience each time.
Then tragedy struck last month.
"I lost my husband on the 8th of February and that was his love," Peters said. "We had all our music all his souveniers, we have collected for country music all in there, and people enjoyed coming twice a month."
While friends and family worked to move out tools, mementos and other personal treasures stored inside the shed, they couldn't help but feel the presence of their old friend among his belongings.
"Ambrose is probably laughing at us because he didn't throw anything away," Stan Jansen said.
The storms cut a path of destruction around the Peters home, but left the house intact.  Swing sets were knocked over in the backyard, and branches hung limply after strong winds ripped them off a tree in the front yard.
Pat Peters calls it a sign from her husband to look for the silver lining in every dark cloud.
"I think that's why he saved the house," she said.
She says it's just a matter of time, before she gets the old shed back up again so people can return to hear the music play.
Folks in the area carted off some of Ambrose Peters' belongings to store in their homes.
The Peters family says they are very grateful to everyone for their support, and glad no one was injured in the storms.