YourTurn - 3/9/09

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Al Lozier from Sedgewickville, Missouri:
"(Regarding Mike Smythe's ViewPoint on toilet paper), I have been a plumber for many years and have noticed an increase in sewer line stoppages since they have started making toilet paper thicker and softer, especially since they have plumbers installing 1.6 gallon flush toilets verses the 3.5 gallon flush of suggestion is to use the thinner, cheaper stuff and also use liquid soap rather than powder in your washing machine.  If you desire to use the thicker (paper) on your tush it is fine with me.  In these hard economic times I could use the work."

Ben Eubanks from Du Quoin, Illinois:
"In my latest issue of a popular magazine there are 28 pages of drug or related ads.  The people pictured looked well and happy, and then you turn the pages to see the drawbacks to taking the (drugs).  Many if not all (the drugs could) put you to eternal rest."

Larry G. Brown from Oran, Missouri:
"The politicians just don't get it.  I recently returned from Fort Myers, Florida and the streets are littered with ‘For Sale' signs.  (We need) to stop giving out work visas to foreign workers and people would have jobs.  Illegals are driving the wages down.  With the work visas gone there would be less unemployment and people could (earn) a decent wage and could keep their homes."

Donna Reece from Bernie, Missouri:
"I do not believe in same sex marriage...marriage should be between a man and woman.  Same sex marriage is wrong."

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