Mother of Ameren linemen shooter speaks out

Aaron Hemingway
Aaron Hemingway
By Crystal Britt
PERRYVILLE, MO (KFVS) - We're now learning more about the man police say is responsible for a chaotic situation last Friday in Jackson. 
Officers say 32-year-old Aaron Hemingway of Perryville opened fire on two AmerenUE linemen. Hemingway then shot and killed himself after police cornered him in a Jackson subdivision. 
His mother is speaking out, as she wants people to understand the Aaron she knew.
Friday, February 27th is a day Aaron Hemingway's family and his victims will likely never forget. Just before 10:00 a.m. police responded to shots fired at an AmerenUE substation in Jackson.
Two workers were shot and rushed to the hospital.  The shooter, later identified as Aaron Hemingway, left the scene in his truck.
A police pursuit ended in the Bent Creek subdivision. Officers say Hemingway shot and killed himself.
Hemingway's mother says she found out about her son's death from her two other children who were watching a Heartland News report at Noon. 
Norma Bare didn't want to speak on camera, but shared with Heartland News exclusively about the son she loved, and how this all came as a complete shock.
"Anyone who knew Aaron liked him," Bare said. "He hated drugs and didn't drink alcohol. He didn't want to kill anyone. I have no idea why he did this. He had no police record. He was very easy going and never held a grudge."
Thursday night, the night before the shooting, was the last time Norma says she saw her son. She says she took him to McDonalds to grab a bite to eat saying Aaron seemed fine.  He lived on West St. Joseph Street in downtown Perryville in apartment seven.
His mother says he was looking for a job.  He'd previously worked in the mental health field, but wanted something new.  Hemingway served time in the U.S. Army.  His family says he was in for a short time before being discharged in 2000.  He never served overseas.
Jackson police recently removed a journal, a computer, and other items from Hemingway's apartment.  Lt. Rodney Barnes describes Hemingway as an angry person who disliked our current government.  The FBI is analyzing his computer.
Norma Bare says her son was not a terrorist and describes him simply as a, "Very intelligent and respectful man who would have helped anyone who needed help."
Bare says her son was a Christian, and she's praying for the victims as she says family and faith are all that's holding her together.  
Hemingway used a 12 gauge shotgun in the shooting, and in his suicide.  His mother says he had a concealed carry permit. 
Last Friday police say Hemingway had a nine millimeter on his hip, but that gun was never fired during the crime.
As for the Ameren linemen, Heartland News is told they're still recovering in the hospital.