Man tries to sell cave home on eBay

By CJ Cassidy
FESTUS, MO (KFVS) - How far would you go to keep from having to sell your home?
Curt Sleeper of Festus hopes putting his home on eBay helps.   Of course the fact that he lives in a cave helps his campaign.
The bidding is set to start at $300,000. So far, Sleeper says he's had someone offer him $450,000 for his home, but he and his wife are still holding out, hoping they find a private investor so they can keep their home sweet cave.
You won't offend Sleeper if you call him a cave man.  After all the work he put into making his 17,000 square foot cave a home, he's more than willing to put up with cave jokes.
"We fell in love with the property, and we really wanted the property," Sleeper said.  "We wanted to get it financed, it was very difficult five years ago, the banks were - it's just a hole none of this was here."
At the time, the Sleepers put up a 50 percent down payment on the cave.  Now they have a unique home and a looming payment.
"We really prefer to have a professional financer who understands the risks of real estate," he said.
So the Sleepers turned back to eBay where they found the cave for sale in the first place.
They never expected to find themselves thrown into the international spotlight.
"I thought I'd get Missouri and a blip on the national radar," he said.  "I never expected Czechoslovakia and Paris to weigh in!"
The fascination with the cave home is understandable.  It boasts three levels which house a fish pond that collects water dripping off the roof of the cave, a kitchen with granite table tops, three bedrooms and large living areas.
Plus, as Sleeper's son points out, when you live in a former roller skating rink and concert hall you have plenty of space to play in.
"I used to live in a box on Sunset Hills," said Perry Sleeper, Curt's son.  "When you live in a cave, it's very different. It's bigger, it's nicer, it's amazing!"
The light inside the very back of the cave doesn't do it justice, especially considering the concerts that once took place here.
"Tina Turner, Bob Seger and Ted Nugent all played on that stage over there," Sleeper said.
He also says the fact that his house would be a perfect party pad is only part of the reason he doesn't want to sell.
The eBay auction ends on March 11th, and that's when he and his wife expect to decide what to do with their home.