Crownline Boats delays production

By Arnold Wyrick
WEST FRANKFORT, IL (KFVS) - The parking lot at Crownline Boats in West Frankfort sat empty Monday, except for a couple of boats sitting on trailers on their way to a final destination.
Normally there would be hundreds of workers busy producing the companies latest watercraft designs, to be shipped to customers around the world.  But, now those workers are wondering if, and when they may end up going back to work.
"It's very disappointing because I work out there at the plant," said Amy Chapman of West Frankfort."  "Over the weekend I got a letter in the mail telling me that we're not going to start production now until the first part of June."
"It's pretty scary, and as far as finding another job there's not much out there."
Around the lunch-hour there isn't much going on inside the Casino Tavern these days.
"As you can see there's nobody in here right now," said Jason Price, manager of the Casino Tavern.  "Usually about this time some of the workers from Crownline heading in for the second shift would be coming in for lunch.  And we used to be able to count on a good group of workers coming in two or three times a week after they'd get off."
"We don't really get an abundance of people from out of town," Price said. "So we kind of depended on Crownline."
Price and other business owners in West Frankfort are worried about what's going to happen with their businesses, the longer Crownline employees are out of work.
"Their spending habits are going to change, they're going to cut back even more," Price said.  "This is definitely going to hurt not only folks here in West Frankfort, but in the surrounding area too."