Police chief position still open in Paducah

By Heartland News
PADUCAH, KY (KFVS) - The city of Paducah continues searching for a new police chief.
Patrol Division Commander for the Commerce City, Colorado Police Department, Charles Baker declined the position. 
The employment contract has been drafted but not signed.
The contract between Baker and the city would have given Baker a salary of $96,000 in addition to up to $10,000 for moving expenses.
Baker notified Paducah City Manager Jim Zumwalt that he was rescinding his acceptance on Sunday through email.
Former Paducah Police Chief Randy Bratton resigned from the post August 6, 2008. 
The issue will be discussed at the city commission meeting Tuesday.
Sandy Joslyn is serving as Interim Police Chief. 
Reader Baker's email below.

Dear Mr. Zumwalt,

After serious consideration and review, I am unable to agree to the terms of the employment contract negotiated between us on February 22, 2009. 

We both negotiated in good faith and came to a final, best offer.  The City of Paducah is unable to offer me the compensation or guarantees I would need to consider negotiating further.  Therefore I am rescinding my acceptance of your contingent job offer for the position of Chief of Police. 

Thank you for the opportunity to compete for this position.    

Respectfully submitted,

Charles A. Baker, Patrol Division Commander

Commerce City Police Department