YourTurn - 3/2/09

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Rodney Miller from Benton, Missouri:
"It is almost impossible to open the new bottle caps on sodas and water.  I feel sorry for the elderly or anyone trying to open these bottles...the caps are so tight you need a pair channel lock pliers to open them."

Ben Eubanks from Du Quoin, Illinois:
"I called one of my congressmen's office to find out if they did get much of their deserved pay hike this year and was told they (received it).  The Postmaster General received a huge bonus for running a failing business.  What is wrong with this you think they have the least idea that we are still down here?  Washington is run by fools!"

Martha Frame from Marion, Illinois:
"Illinois is a proud state with a noble heritage... (but) is being shadowed by lies, corruption and cover-ups.  I wonder what Senator Roland Burris will use to justify his actions. Illinois is among one of the few states that can lay claim to having produced not one but two leaders of our great nation."

Anna Lambert from Anna, Illinois:
"Regarding Mike Smythe's ViewPoint on the Credit Cardholder Bill of Rights, something needs to be done.  Our own government passes a bailout program that pays these banks and credit companies for their so-called losses due to bad debts...welcome to Corporate America and Politics...(maybe) we should write to President Obama and let him know we are tired of the POLITICAL WELFARE of our government and request CHANGE.  Isn't that what his presidency was about?"

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