66-year-old Bloomfield man accused of having sex with 15 year old

Charles Glass (Photo courtesy Stoddard County Sheriff's Dept.)
Charles Glass (Photo courtesy Stoddard County Sheriff's Dept.)
By Crystal Britt
BLOOMFIELD, MO (KFVS) - A Bloomfield man faces statutory rape charges.
Charles Glass, 66, is accused of having sexual conduct with a 15-year-old girl. 
Investigators are also combing through at least two computers and other items seized from his home.  
A detective with the Dexter Police Department has been called in to help Bloomfield Police. He specializes in things like child sex crimes and computer crimes.
The mother of the 15 year old fears more victims might be out there, so she's ready to talk.
"It's hard having to imagine your kid going through this." 
Heartland News agreed to conceal the identity of victim's mother to protect her daughter.  It has only been a week since the Bloomfield woman says her 15 year old daughter shared her story.
"She broke down and cried, we couldn't get her to quit crying. She broke down and told us."
It started months ago as the local mother says her daughter needed some help with Algebra.
"He said 'I can help her with that.'"
She says Charles Glass would come to her place of work and tutor her daughter.
"Apparently he was getting in to her head and making her believe things that a 66 year old should not make a 15 year old believe."
According to court records, Charles Glass would also contact his victim on line using "Bebo", a popular social networking site like Facebook.  The girl's mom says Glass also wrote her daughter hand written notes.
"He made her believe he loved her.  He gave her jewelry."
She says he took it too far once in January and once about a week ago.
"He picked her up from school and told her if she didn't go with him he would hurt her really bad."
According to the child's family the girl's father dropped her off at school, but she didn't go. Instead they claim Mr. Glass used the girl's cell phone and called the school, pretending to be her father...saying she was sick.  Both times, he allegedly took her to Lake Wappapello providing her with alcohol. 
On the second trip her mom says, "He had sexual intercourse with my daughter.  You can't take a kid from school without parents' consent and take them and rape them.  You can't do that.  He's an old man and she's a young girl."
Charles Glass faces a charge of statutory rape.  He's being held on $50,000 cash only bond.
According to the Bloomfield School District, Glass served as an elementary principal in Bloomfield from 1976-1983.
"The suspect, Mr. Glass, is very well known and from what I understand is very well liked in town.  At this time the investigation is still ongoing," said Bloomfield Police Chief Jason Curtman. 
Glass is also a husband and father.  Heartland News' attempts to reach Glass or his family were unsuccessful. 
Meanwhile, the victim's family is having a hard time dealing with what's happened. 
"You can't trust anyone, I can't trust anyone.  If there are any kids out there that he's done this to, they need to speak up and don't be afraid," said the victim's mother.
The young teen's family took her out of school.  She's now in a homebound program, and is about to begin counseling.
Nick Thiele, Bloomfield Superintendent of Schools, says in light of all this the district is considering implementing a parent ID code system.  It would be a security measure when parents call their kids in sick.
No word yet if any charges will be filed in Wayne County where the alleged rape happened. Charles Glass' next court appearance is March 12th in Stoddard County.