Breakdown of President Obama's budget

By Christy Hendricks
With a national budget proposal of $3.94 trillion, it's hard to wrap your mind around that many zeros. 
President Barack Obama's budget proposes several spending increases in key areas.  So here's a look at a few.

Where healthcare is concerned, it will help create a $634 billion down payment to reform the health care system to bring down costs and expand coverage.  It will also modernize with health information techonology and lower drug costs.

A large increase in education spending will help make college more affordable by tying the Pell Grant program to inflation.  It would end government guaranteed loans and increase direct lending from the government.  It also increases access to early-childhood education.

President Obama calls for more than $26 billion calls for new excise taxes on oil and gas pumped offshore.  He also calls for significant spending boosts for energy research, providing money for solar, biomass, geothermal, wind and clean coal programs.  Nearly two-thirds of the energy budget goes for nuclear weapons activities.

For defense spending, Obama asked for $130 billion for the Iraq and Afghan wars.  Other spending would increase the Army and Marine Corps.

Travelers may have to shell out more money for airport security.  Airlines will cover most of the costs of passenger and baggage screening.  But the Homeland Security budget would add more border patrol agents, give more money to state and local governments to hire intelligence analysts, and enhance cyber security.

For more of a breakdown of what all that spending means check out fact sheets to 18 different departments.