Police search for man suspected of placing items in roads

By Heartland News
REIDLAND, KY (KFVS) - Officers in Reidland, Kentucky say too much junk is on the local roads and it's getting dangerous for drivers.
For the past three nights, deputies have responded to calls concerning items such as concrete blocks and plastic crates left on numerous roads.
Tuesday, someone placed concrete blocks in the busy westbound lanes of Interstate 24.
Then Thursday morning, someone removed pallets from the Reidland Food Giant parking lot and placed them in the middle of old Benton road four different times.  After removing the items for the third time, officers stayed to watch.
Shortly after, a young man with curly brown hair tried to place more pallets in the roadway.  Police tried to chase him but lost him in a neighborhood behind the grocery store.
If you have any more information on who's doing this, call the McCracken County Sheriff's Department.