New Mexico police want help identifying remains of woman

By Heartland News

DEXTER, MO (KFVS) - Police in New Mexico need help identifying the remains of a woman they believe may have ties to the Heartland.

Take a look at the sketch to the right of what police believe the woman looked like.  The remains were found on July 31, 1999 in a shallow grave off of Interstate 40 near Gallup, New Mexico.  The Office of the Medical Investigator estimates the woman was between 5'1" and 5'7" tall and between 35-50 years old.  The OMI believes that the woman was dead for about two years prior to the discovery of the remains.

According to police, they found ribbons from the Stoddard County Fair with her remains. They also found jewelry with her body.

If you think you recognize her, please call one of the numbers below.

FBI Albuquerque, Special Agent Diana Parker, 505-889-1542

New Mexico OMI Investigator Terry Coker, 505-272-3053

Dexter, Missouri Police Dept. Detective Trevor Pulley, 573-625-8914