Making the Grade - North Elementary

By Laura Wibbenmeyer

JACKSON, MO (KFVS) - Brian Holder's 2nd grade class is learning a big takes work to earn a dollar. 

Every day Mr. Holder gives each student a letter grade based on their behavior.  If a student receives five A's, she or he gets $100 to spend at their classroom store. 
The money may not be real, but the rewards sure are.  Erasers, candy, pencils and beads for a necklace are common picks, but if the kids save up, they can cash in for a big reward. 
After three consecutive weeks of good behavior,  the students can use their $300 for personal guitar lessons from Mr. Holder.  He brings his love for music into the classroom. 
While the kids save up for a lesson, they all get to enjoy his guitar music because he encorporates it into english time too. 
All of these 2nd graders at North Elementary are making the grade and thanks to Mr. Holder, learning life lesson all at the same time.