Economy nails hardware store, forces closing

By Arnold Wyrick

DU QUOIN, IL (KFVS) - Closed signs are seen hanging on the doors of the ACE Hardware store in Du Quoin.  Inside workers are busy packing things up.

The store's owner Joe Turley says his bank would no longer extend a line of credit to him.
"It's sad because we've built this store up over the past four years to serve the customers," said ACE Manager Andy Frage. "It's going to help the other two stores out a lot. It takes a lot of work to box this up."
The former manager of the Du Quoin store Michelle O'Daniell says it was hard to tell her ten employees they were out of a job.
"I took my employees to the back and told them that we were closed," O'Daniell said. "And we were just extremely shocked. We knew business wasn't doing real well. It's slow all the way around."
She and her assistant manager worked at the ACE stores for more than a decade.
On Saturday morning that all came to an end.  Now the two woman find themselves in the same situation, unemployed.
"I have two kids in fact I was on the phone this morning calling my bank to see what I have to do about my house payment."
The two women filed for unemployment benefits on Monday along with their fellow employees.