Big City Slider Station: Does it Work?

By Lauren Keith
Spokesman Billy Mays claims it's the mini burger sensation that's sweeping the nation, but do we really need this so-called "Big City Slider Station" to make mini burgers? Amy Diamond will help us find out.
"It looks a little cheap," Amy notices right away.
Here goes. The stove's on medium, as directed. Amy presses down and here's the big claim. In two to four minutes, we're supposed to have five mini burgers. I don't' see any heating coils in there but we finally have some sizzling. And two minutes later not much is cookin'.

"It's a little messy!" Amy says. A little? let's try a lot. "When you pull the lid off it goes everywhere on your stove," she says.

Don't let the little ones near! Grease is popping everywhere! Looks like we're going to have to eat it, too. Yuck! Amy winces at grease shot. It's welling up in the pan. Amy uses a thermometer to tell if it's done, and finally after *fifteen* minutes, we have five mini, make that very tiny, burgers.
So far, her little boy, Morgan, likes the bite-sized snack, but Amy And I are not impressed. We know these sliders are made to be small, but we want more than two bites. so, we scoop even larger amounts of ground beef into the next batch.  I'm sorry to tell you.  This round is even greasier. Yuck!

It also takes us between ten and fifteen minutes more for our second round, and we don't need any more time to see there's a faster an easier way to make these mini treats. "I like the idea of little burgers, but I'm going to have to sit here a long time making burgers and that one only makes five little ones," says Amy.

Sliders are perfect for little hands, and make for a different spin on an American classic, but Billy can keep these little grease bombs. It's not time-efficient, and we'd rather use a grill or larger skillet. The $20 Big City Slider Station cooks up a 'D' on this Does it Work test.