Nation's largest payment processor announces breach in processing system

By Heartland News

Is your account information among 100 million possibly exposed after one of the biggest security breaches in history?  It happened at Heartland Payment Systems based in New Jersey.

On January 20th the company announced more than 100 million accounts could have been exposed.  So far, more than 370 bank institutions have been impacted.

Heartland News has heard from lots of people in Missouri, Illinois, and Kentucky saying they got a letter from their bank and now they have to wait for new bank cards.

In most cases, this is just a pro-active approach by the banks trying to protect their customer's information before there's a proble.

As more instiutions learn they could have been hit, banks advise keeping a close eye on your accounts.

Heartland is the nation's largest payment processors delivering credit/debit/prepaid card processing, payroll, check management and payments solutions.  It acts as a middleman for authenticating and processing credit and debit card transactions between commericial entities like retail outlets and restaurants and the financial institutions that issue the credit and debit cards to people.
They are working with the Secret Service and the United States Department of Justice to resolve this issue.
Call 1-866-399-6228 for information regarding questions and concerns about the breach.
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