House to vote on stimulus package today - Read the bill for yourself now

WASHINGTON (AP) - The $790 billion economic stimulus package is almost home.
House leaders have announced a vote for today with the Senate to follow later or over the weekend after some overtime bargaining on the fine points.
Lingering controversy over school-modernization money and a scaled-back tax break for businesses forced a delay in final votes on the legislation.
One last-minute addition was a $3.2 billion tax break for General Motors Corp. that would allow the ailing auto giant to use current losses to claim refunds for taxes paid when times were good.
Republicans remain lined up to vote against the bill.
The bill includes billions of dollars for victims of the recession and billions more would head off deep cuts in services by the states, many of which face deficits.
The bill also includes President Barack Obama's signature tax cut, although on a slightly reduced scale.
If you want to read the final version of bill for yourself click HERE now. The bill here is broken into four parts. They are all .pdf files. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them.