Man describes dramatic water rescue

By Crystal Britt
MARBLE HILL, MO (KFVS) - A Marble Hill man has three people to thank for saving his life...his neighbor, his son and a complete stranger.
Dan Wishner believes he would be dead today if it wasn't for their acts of heroism. As for the mystery man, Wishner says he never got his name.
Now that he's had time to think about it Dan almost gets goose bumps wondering if something truly miraculous happened in the water.
Rain Wednesday caused water to cover roads which made travel in some places impossible.
Out near County Road 836 in Bollinger County Dan Wishner took matters into his own hands. With water rushing all around him he worked to clear debris...hoping it would bring the water level down.
"I was just about done and I was trying to pull a branch out of here with a clump on it. When I did that it opened up and sucked me right in there, and I went head first down there," said Wishner. 
Dan is so glad his neighbor Tom Derton came to check on him. 
"He grabbed my hand and all that was up was my nose and my mouth, the rest was underwater inside the pipe. I was barely above the water, could hardly breathe. My body was inside the tube. I was hanging on by my fingertips on the edge of the pipe," said Wishner. 
Dan says his neighbor couldn't pull him up, but all the sudden something happened.
"This man came across the water like a flash. He was probably 230 pounds with stone white hair. They tugged and tugged, but the pressure was so strong they couldn't get me out."
So for a period of time Dan is left with a man he never met as he says his neighbor Tom ran up to the house to grab Dan's son and call 911. For several minutes Dan says he was holding on to the hands of a complete stranger who was doing what he could to save his life.
"Between the three of them they got me out before the rescue squad got here. Believe me, I'll tell anyone don't fool around with these creeks when they're up because I'm lucky to be alive. I'm a cat with nine lives. I really am."

When it comes to the mystery man, Dan said, "Before I left to go home because I was soaking wet, I thanked him for saving my life. He smiled and walked away and that was it."

Dan doesn't know if that man was his guardian angel, but most definitely feels like he was placed right there at that time to help.
Dan's feeling pretty good despite a pretty good beating in the water. He has a lot of cuts and bruises, but nothing that kept the 72 year old from heading back to work Thursday.