Howardville residents remain in dark and frustration

By Crystal Britt
HOWARDVILLE, MO (KFVS) - Officials with Semo Electric say 90 percent of customers who remain without power should have it restored by next Thursday. The rest should be restored within two weeks.
Folks in Howardville remain in the dark and frustration there is mounting. 
"It's terrible. It's awful. Get up shivering, lay down shivering," said Iodia Johnson.
"I don't have anything," Gearlean Farr said.  "No heat, hot water, or lights."
These women are getting to know one another a little better as they've spent days huddled together trying to stay warm.
"I'm 94 years old, be 95 in July and you know my blood is thin. I've never seen anything like this," said Johnson. 
If you look at what's outside their homes, you'll see powerlines draped almost on their front steps.  One car remains smashed by a pole and covered with lines.
Mayor Jessie Newson says it took eight days for utility crews to arrive in town.  He says they spent most of Wednesday clearing tree limbs from streets that blocked traffic as well as downed power lines.
They still have a long way to go. According to Semo Electric, crews will be in Howardville in the next couple days working on lines.
Meanwhile, volunteers at the First Baptist Church work to house and feed the community.
"Three meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner," said Denise Word. 
They're prepared for many more days of service.

 "Trying to make it the best we can," Word said.

The volunteers are in the same situation as those they're helping so they understand. 

"We're just trying to stay positive," said Word.  "Different volunteers are coming in giving us breaks just trying to stay focused on what we're doing helping the community."

"What we've gotta do is stay strong. Keep praying and we'll get through it," Mayor Jessie Newson Junior.