Search Parties Comb Lyon County for Missing Woman

Volunteers in one Kentucky county spent the weekend searching for a mother of three, who mysteriously disappeared ten days ago. 

Thirty-five year old Sonya Bradley was last seen on October 10th by her boyfriend.  Police are calling her disappearance "suspicious."  Her family feels certain that it involves foul play.

On Saturday and Sunday, volunteers gathered near Bradley's Eddyville home to help look for her.  From morning until night, they combed remote areas in small search parties, with Bradley's older brother leading the way.  "We had hope the first few days," he told Heartland News as he trudged through a densely wooded area, being careful not to fall.  "We still have some hope, but right now, it's turned more into desperation."  Chris Baize is so desperate to find his sister that he plans to spend every day until she's found looking for her, and recruiting other people to help. To the folks who've already responded to that call, Bradley isn't just a sister.  She's a daughter, a mother, a neighbor, a friend...and to some of them, she's a total stranger.

"There are people we don't know, but they're out here," Baize shook his head in disbelief.  "They may have seen her once, or known of her, and here they are. We can't thank people like that enough. You don't really know about random acts of kindness until you actually get to see them."  One Eddyville firefighter didn't want any credit for his act of kindness. Neither did Bob Yates, a friend of Sonya's brother who'd only met her a few times, but was more than willing to lend his legs to the search.  "If you were in their shoes, you'd want everybody out there helping you. And hopefully, they would do the same for you," he explained. 

Most of the volunteers say they've never searched for a missing person before, so they're definitely not experts. Their plan was to cover as much ground as they could, looking in every ditch and every hole for even the tiniest clue that could lead them to Sonya.  "Look for anything that resembles a fresh burial," Baize told his group of searchers.  "Anything that may have been dropped, a piece of jewelry, footprints..."  He then admitted to Heartland News that he was just guessing at the best way to get things done.  "I'm not skilled to do something like this, and that's why we're desperate for people who are," he explained.  "Some of the volunteer firefighters that are here have done such things before.  Some of them are divers, and are out looking in deep holes right now."  While Baize knows Kentucky State Police and the Lyon County Sheriff's Department have been working on the case, he says he wishes that law enforcement could lend more help out in the field.  "We have no clues what we're doing," Yates reinforces.  "We're just looking in any remote areas that have an easy access that he could have gotten to, whoever did this. And hopefully, we'll have some luck."

So far, searchers have come up empty-handed. But there's still a lot of ground to cover. And until Bradley is found, purple ribbons will remind folks in Lyon County that someone is still out looking.  "Until we find Sonya," her brother promised.  "I'll be here forever if I have to be."

Family members say they need more volunteers to search next weekend, and every weekend until Bradley is found.  You can find out how to help by contacting Chris Baize at 270-559-7576.

If you have any information about Sonya Bradley's whereabouts, you're asked to call Kentucky State Police at 270-388-0911.