Two families survive falling ice

By Arnold Wyrick
The roof on the Lazdinis home above their business in Carterville came crashing in on the family late Thursday night.
Winter Storm '09 dumped more snow and ice on the roof than the building could handle.
That night 10-year-old Kestutis and his brothers were staying up late because there was no school.
"We were actually watching a movie. We heard some cracking sounds. So we paused it, my mom was downstairs and my dad went down to see what it was," Kestutis said.
Within moments it became all too clear what the cracking sounds were, the family's home was caving in around them."
"At the far end it fell, and then a little closer to us," Kestutis said. "We were at the edge of the room it just kind of cornered us in."
A couch was buried beneath debris where the boys were sitting just moments before the roof collapsed.
"And when it was about to fall in on us I grabbed the baby and took Markas, and ran," Kestutis said.
His mom ran toward the boys and the falling debris.
"By the time I reached the top of the stairs, my husband Terry said 'I've got the kids.' And I asked how many? He said three and I said okay, that's all I needed to know," said Kara Lazdinis of Carterville.
It's still difficult for her to talk about and think about, how close she came to losing everything that night.
"You could see the sky and the chunks of ice on the carpet it was just a disaster. So we're very lucky."
Then on Saturday afternoon as Kasey Doerner of Ava, and her two boys were returning from a shopping trip in Cape Girardeau, ice came crashing down on their car.
"I was just coming across the bridge and all of a sudden something hit my car," Kasey said.
Now she knows what that something was on Saturday afternoon, a huge chuck of ice falling from the top of the Bill Emerson bridge crashing right on top of her car.
"I just had glass covered all over me. And something actually hit me in the face when it hit my car. I really didn't realize what it was. But it actually was my visor had come down and smacked me in the face as the ice came through part of the windshield," she said.
Kasey's two sons were in the back seat five-year-old Jackson, and eleven-month-old Tyler.
"Really when you look at the damage to my car it was just a miracle that we are not hurt. That the boys weren't hurt. And that we are still here to talk about it."
Kasey says she had no warning of the ice coming towards her.
"You know at least when a car accident you see it coming or for a split second you might know it's going to happen. But with this it just happened and I never saw it coming," Doerner said.
The famiy's car can be repaired, Kasey's says it may take her nerves a lot longer to heal.
"Those kinds of things can happen falling ice. And I'm sure it can happen from more things than just a bridge, off buildings and trees. I just didn't realize it could be a possibility, or that it would do so much damage to my car."
Kasey says the damage to her car is estimated to be between $8,000 and $10,000.