11 houses catch fire after power restored

By Heartland News
Eleven houses caught fire after power was restored Tuesday night in Ketucky, according to Keith Todd with Region 1 Emergency Operations Center in Kentucky.
Homeowners are urged to turn off all of their main breakers to prevent power surges as electricity is restored.
Below is more detailed information about power surges for those still without power.
During the night we had reports of 11 house fires caused by malfunctioning appliances or electrical systems when power was restored.
As homeowners check on their homes through the day today, they are asked to turn off all of their main breakers to prevent power surges as electric service is restored.
Turning off breakers will help greatly reduce the potential for surges that may damage power system infrastructure.  It will also reduce the potential for home fires as electric power returns to parts of the region.
Area residents should continue to use appropriate caution when operating generators.  Utility companies are concerned about the danger of electricity from improperly installed home generators that may be sending electricity back into the electric system.  Power coming back down the line from a generator creates an extreme danger to utility workers. 
Homeowners who have hooked a generator into their home electric wiring should have a trained electrician check their hookup to assure that power is not being fed back into the grid.