West Frankfort Building Collapses

By Arnold Wyrick

WEST FRANKFORT, IL (KFVS) - Winter Storm '09 has added another building to it's long list of casualties from all of the snow and ice.  This time it's the West Frankfort Head Start administrative building.

Signs of trouble began showing up around the top of the building on Friday afternoon.  And the site directors says within hours the corners of the building began to crumble.
"The top of the building began bowing out.  So I called the city and the fire department.  They came over with a ladder-truck and took a look down from the top of the building.  And they told us the roof was collapsing, and told us all to get out of it immediately," said Nancy Gossett.
But, because of the damaged building's close proximity to the school's other building where kid's classrooms are located, no one is allowed to be on the property.
"We were told that to be safe to not have any children over here.  And so we're not having school until further notice, until the buildings down and everything is safe," Gossett said.
The demolition of the schools administrative building is scheduled to begin next week.  So it could be a couple of weeks before the kids are back in school.
"Once everything is down over there, we're going to call all of our parents to let them know we're back up and running," Gossett said.