Residents of Wyatt still dealing with no power

By Holly Brantley
WYATT, MO (KFVS) - Some small towns like Wyatt still have no power a week after the winter storm hit.
"We need electricity more than anything," said Mayor Riley Fitzgerald.
People in Wyatt understand bigger communities take  prioirty when it comes to getting the utilities up and running, but they don't want to be forgotten.
In the meantime, Wyatt's got power up in a few city buildings. The city hall serves as a warm place to eat and rest for people who live there.  They say sticking together is the only way to survive.
"Everyone that walks through the door asks how they can help," Fitzgerald said.
He says the fire department has been a huge help clearing limbs and helping out.
"We didn't wait," said Volunteer Chief John Cross. "We just did whatever we could."
Meanwhile, lots of people have brought food to city hall for everyone to share.
"I guess you just kick into survival mode," said David Stephens.
"We helped clean up and hand out food," said Wendy Cross. Wendy is 11 years old. "It made me feel good to help."
Meanwhile, they say the storm has been a learning experience.
"It's gonna be a great opportunity for our county and others to come together to build a strong action plan for the future," said Fitzgerald.
Fitzgerald says he hears from electric crews the power should be back on Tuesday.