Seven year old killed in crash

By Heartland News
CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - A seven year old child is dead after a crash on Hwy. 74 at the Shawnee Park entrance in Cape Girardeau.
According to Sgt. Jason Selzer with Cape Girardeau Police, seven-year-old Hailey Dacus died from injuries after the the Chevy mini-van she was in crashed into a Hummer that was parked on the side of Hwy. 74.  Selzer says she was not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the crash.
Selzer says Hailey was in the front seat of the vehicle and had been wearing a belt, but she briefly took it off to turn around to tell her brothers in the back seat to put their belts on.
Then, Selzer says Hailey was in the process of putting her own seatbelt back on when her minivan rear-ended a Humvee parked on the side of the road. 
Hailey, her brothers and the driver went to the hospital.  Hailey died a short time later.
Selzer says the owner of the Humvee was stopped due to some sort of mechanical problems, and was standing near the vehicle during the crash.
A fund has been set up at the US Bank in Cape Girardeau.  Donations can be sent to
Dacus Family Donations
c/o Andrea Bridgeman-Moore
US Bank
325 North Kingshighway
Cape Girardeau, MO