Sikeston DPS warns of carbon monoxide poisoning

The following information comes from the Sikeston Department of Public Safety.

SIKESTON, MO (KFVS) - The Sikeston Emergency Operational Command held another briefing this morning.  According to BMU, they were able to energize all of our substations around the city last night.  Currently, the city is operating on approximately 18% of electric power.  However, 90% of the residential homes in the city are still without power.

Last night around midnight, Sikeston DPS responded to another call of Carbon Monoxide poisoning.  Two more residents were transported to MDMC to be treated.  One of the subjects is in critical condition at this time. We are asking all media outlets to remind everyone about the dangers of the improper use of generators and other alternative heat sources.  Please reiterate:

  • Never use a gas generator in an enclosed space (i.e. Garages or basements, etc)
  • Don't place generators near doors and windows.
  • Place the generator as far from the home as possible.
  • Equip your home with a CO detector (carbon monoxide detector)
  • Never use a barbeque grill in your home for heat.
  • Propane and Kerosene heat sources should be approved for indoor use and THEY MUST HAVE ADEQUATE VENTILATION. (See operator's manual)
  • Symptoms of CO poisoning - dizziness, headaches, nausea, tiredness.
  • If you believe you have CO in your home, seek fresh air immediately and contact Sikeston DPS at 471-4711 immediately.

The Sikeston Compost Site is open everyday from 7am to 5pm, until further notice.  Everyone wishing to drop off their tree limb debris can drop them at this site on Compress Street during these times.  Also, Oldcastle Lawn and Garden have offered their property for limb disposal.  They are located at 832 Roth Street (Old Hedrick Concrete Plant) just south of the 500 block of W. Murray Lane.  Their hours of business are also from 7am to 5pm.  Oldcastle said they would open their facilities after hours for contractors but they must call ahead.  Contractors call after hours:  Gary Phillips at 618-779-3194 and David Gavlick at 618-973-3968.

The 1140th Army National Guard continues going to every home in Sikeston, checking the wellbeing of residents. Currently, they have traveled over 56 total miles of Sikeston's City Streets and have completed safety checks in the southwest portion of the City.  The 1140th have also helped clear some of the more debris clogged streets.  These include N. West, N. Ingram, Tanner and Davis Streets.

We would like to remind everyone who is cleaning up limb debris to please leave trees and limbs near power lines alone.  Some of these lines are still charged and may have energized the limbs near lines.  Serious injury or death can occur if you come into contact with these limbs.  Just because the home there is without power doesn't mean the power lines aren't energized.

We ask that everyone use caution when clearing debris.  Sikeston DPS has already had injuries resulting from the clearing of limbs.  We expect accidents from chainsaws, falling limbs, and other issues to increase as more people begin cleaning up this weekend.  Sikeston has received mutual aid from Jackson, Cape Girardeau City and Marble Hill.  Together they have brought 5 fire trucks (4 engines and 1 ladder truck) and several fire fighters to assist with our emergency response.

Any contractors or others operating a business in the city must have a city business license before they begin working.  This also applies to anyone wishing to sell generators or any other items to citizens.  Sikeston City Hall will be open Saturday and Sunday (1/31 and 2/01) from Noon till 3pm for business license application.

Please DO NOT call Sikeston Dispatch about FEMA disaster assistance.  We need to keep our emergency lines open for emergencies.  Although our state has been declared a natural disaster by the federal government, we are still waiting for the program to be set up in our area.