Grocery Shopping in the Dark

By Crystal Britt
EAST PRAIRIE, MO (KFVS) - Power crews in Mississippi County are working around the clock to repair the seemingly endless task of restoring electricity.  Still no major progress, so survival mode's kicked in as folks learn to deal with the situation the only way they know how.
The sight and sound of thawing brings hope of better things to come.  The National Guard arrived in East Prairie.  They brought cots and other supplies needed at area shelters.  
Grocery stores are in the dark, but still open for business.  
"This is a new way to shop," said Dorothy Wilson. 
With flashlights in hand, workers lead shoppers through the dark aisles helping them get what they need. The cashier, dressed in a coat and gloves, rings up customers the old fashioned way.
"It's bad for everybody, everybody's got it bad," said Janet Kirby. 
The Town and Country store just got a huge shipment of bottled water.  They're planning to give it out for free to those who need it.
The Bryars family just got their generator running hoping to get the refrigerator going.  All their groceries for the time being are on the front porch.
"It's been a disaster," said Bryars. 
They do have heat, but no lights and no power. 
"I've got a 55 gallon drum in my bathtub that we filled up before the water ran out," said Bryars.
The East Prairie Fire Department is going door to door handing out fliers making sure people have the information they need.  The National Guard will be in town another day or so. They're clearing debris and they'll be going house to house checking on folks seeing if they need to be evacuated to shelters.  Mayor Gene Ditto says the Guard is also there for overall security presence.  There are reports of generators being stolen in the county so they'll be checking also to make sure people are abiding by the curfew law.
The city says it could be the middle of next week before power is restored.