Friday mid-day heating supplies update

By Christy Hendricks
Many people across the Heartland are snapping up heating supplies from across the Heartland.  Many supply stores are out of heating supplies, but some are expecting shipments.
In Sikeston, Orcheln is receiving shipments.  The Cape Girardeau Orcheln is out of generators, but does have flashlights, batteries and extension cords.  Lowe's in Sikeston is also receiveing shipments.  The Cape Girardeau Lowe's is out of generators and heating supplies.  They do have flashlights and batteries.
The Wal-Mart in Poplar Bluff is out of propane heaters, generators, ice melt, de-icer, and gas cans.  They do have flashlights and lamp oil. They are expecting a shipment.
Wal-Mart in Cape Girardeau is out of generators, and kerosen heaters.  They are expecting an emergency truck with gas cans, water, generators, heaters, and propane lanterns.
Tractor Supply Company in Cape Girardeau is out of all kerosene.  They are expecting a truck by 1pm Friday.  They are putting orders on a waiting list.