Paducah welcomes help of tree contractors

The City of Paducah welcomes the help of the tree contractors who want to provide services to City's residents.  Below is information for contractors and for the residents.  Also there is information about the City's compost yard.

For Tree Contractors: 

  • Complete an application for a business license.  The license is available in the Finance Department at City Hall at 300 South 5th Street or on-line at  The application must be submitted in person at City Hall.
  • The application costs $150 and can be paid by cash or check.  The contractor must provide photo identification. 
  • Private contractors working for a City resident will be allowed to dump at the Compost Yard at 1560 North 8th Street.  However, they will be required to show proof they are working for a resident and that they have a current City business license.  A signed letter from the resident with the resident's address is proof. 
  • People outside the City of Paducah can use the Central Paving dumpsite located at 4110 Clarks River Road.  This service is free for residents bringing debris; there will be a charge for private commercial companies.

Tips for Residents in Hiring a Contractor

  • Ask the contractor to show you a City of Paducah business license and verify with the Finance Department by calling 444-8513.
  • Have the tree company give you a written statement of the work to be performed and the cost.  Never pay for services until the work has been performed and you are satisfied with the work according to written estimates and agreements.
  • Ask for references and ask for proof of insurance and check with the insurance company for recent claims.
  • If possible, get at least three companies to give you estimates.
  • Take pictures of the area before work begins and other areas of your property that could be affected.  If there are problems, you have a reference.
  • Make sure the tree service understands they are responsible for the removal of tree debris and clean up.  If a tree service leaves debris for the City to remove, the City will charge the homeowner.
  • If you think you have been victimized by a contractor, contact the Paducah Police Department at 444-8550.  

Compost Facility in Paducah Closed to Non-Paducah Residents

Effective immediately, the City of Paducah Compost Yard located at 1560 North 8th Street will be closed to everyone except City of Paducah residents.  The compost facility is open Monday through Saturday 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  The compost yard is closing to non-Paducah City residents due to the excessive amount of storm damage debris and space limitations.  Paducah residents will need to show a current, valid driver's license.  A grinding contractor is scheduled to arrive next week to help with the bulk of debris.
Paducah residents are urged to cut limbs so that they are four feet long or less and that the diameter is 16 inches or less.  Also, large rootballs from trees need to be taken to the CWI transfer station located at 10th and Burnett.  The Compost Yard accepts only yard and tree debris. 

People outside the City of Paducah can use the Central Paving dumpsite located at 4110 Clarks River Road.  This service is free for residents bringing debris.

Also, residents need to avoid placing debris in the City streets.  Try to keep the tree debris next to the curb on private property.  Streets need to remain clear and open for utility crew, public works crews, and emergency personnel to be efficient.