YourTurn - 2/2/09

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Terry Canupp from Cape Girardeau:
"If Congress is really serious about stimulating the economy...suspend income taxes for three to six months (allowing) people to keep their money to spend as needed...increased income will result in increased spending.  Instead, billions will be spent on pet congressional projects with little real results to the overall economy plus saddling us with a debt that will never be paid off."

Jill Lindhorst from West Frankfort, Illinois:
"I have a credit card through the Bank of America which has recently received $20 billion of the federal bailout money.  I have always paid this credit card on time but they have doubled my interest rate to 25.9%...the bailout of the banking giants is going to be paid by us, our children, and our grandchildren.  Meanwhile, the credit card industry is going to raise interest rates to pay for corporate jets and $87,000 area rugs for offices..."

Maureen Ramsden from Hazel, Kentucky:
"(Regarding Mike Smythe's ViewPoint) about teachers not having to pay income taxes (1/18/09-Friedman on Teachers)...come on Mike, let's stop this whining about the POOR teachers.  Can you tell me one profession that has holidays and breaks like a teacher?  I know a few of them and they do very well...sorry, Mike Smythe you are out of touch."

Carl Uchtmann from Perryville, Missouri:
"Mike Shain, blessings on your 81 years of age I can remember Hirsch Broadcasting and know you will miss the excellent staff you worked with...thanks for your tenure."

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