Generator safety tips

Generator Safety

The following information comes form Dutch Enterprises in Cape Girardeau.

  • 1. Learn all you can about generators BEFORE you purchase one.
  • 2. Improper use or installation of a generator can cause property damage, serious injury and even death.
  • 3. A qualified electrical contractor MUST perform the installation of a generator, disconnect & transfer switch.
  • 4. Do not wire generators directly to your electrical panel without a qualified electrician installing a safety interlock kit. It is extremely dangerous and can cause high voltages to be transmitted through the utility company's wires.
  • 5. Always properly disconnect from your metered electric utility service before starting your backup generator.
  • 6. Never run your generator inside a building.
  • 7. Never fuel the generator when it is running.
  • 8. When using extension cords, they must be of correct size and weather proof.
  • 9. Never remove or tamper with safety devices.
  • 10. Never operate generator in an enclosed compartment.