Cities/Counties that have declared emergencies

By Heartland News
President Obama has declared Kentucky, Arkansas, and Missouri as federal disaster areas.
The Mayor of Paducah declared a civil emergency and curfew.
  1. A curfew is declared from 11:00 p.m. throughout the night and during the early morning hours when safe driving requires the use of vehicle headlights.  Exempted from the curfew are emergency workers, medical staff, businesses providing or persons traveling for food or supplies, employees traveling to and from work, and individuals traveling to shelter.
  1. Alcohol sales will cease at 10:30 p.m.
  1. The Chief of Police is authorized to enforce the curfew.
  1. This declaration will remain in effect until rescinded.
  1. This declaration rescinds all previous declarations.

A civil emergency has been declared for the City of Murray and Calloway County

Gov. Jay Nixon asked President Barack Obama to approve his request for an Expedited Major Disaster Declaration for the state of Missouri as a result of the severe Jan. 26-27 winter storm.
Pulaski County, IL and the City of Fulton, KY has declared emergencies.
Many other counties and cities were hit very hard by the storm.  Thousand are still without power.

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